*Spiritual /Energy Healing

*Home energy balance/clearing


Energy healing can help with:

*Healing for the Chakras

 *Spiritual grounding

*Aura energy cleanse 

*Maternal healing (Pre/Post)

*Addictive challenges

*Negative Attitude/Tendencies

*Healing for traumatic situations

(ie-grief, suicide, depression, abuse)

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About Me

Alicia is a non-denominational intuitive faith healer offering healing and spiritual coaching that invokes illumination, self-love, and  tools to achieve spiritual freedom.

After being healed from depression & physical pain, she now brings her spiritual gifts (charisms of the Holy Spirit) to the aid of others who seek healing through the divine light of God.

All services are done with love and compassion for the purpose of coaching others. "You can manifest your own healing for your highest good, if you have faith and trust in God's guidance" -Alicia

Call today to set up your healing and set yourself free!

During such chaos in these times, we can all use the extra help with positivity. With God’s approval and blessing, clients can benefit from these beautiful healings. -Victor Barron (Body, Mind & Spiritual Center, Whittier CA)


ENERGY & SPIRITUAL ALIGNMENT- Energy exchange (average donation $150)

A typical private session is about 1 hour long depending on the client, each person will have a different need.  The concept of this healing is to release emotional blocks that hold the client back, in this lifetime. There are many spiritual tools that are used during a session along with shamanic techniques. 

The client will receive a fire cleanse, energy clearing, chakra balance, illumination, grounding, aura balance, and removal of negativity (spiritual attachments).


The healer will use special techniques to assist in relieving minor discomforts, remove heavy energy around the aura and restore peace within the person. 


The client will be guided into his/her heart while the healer works to remove spiritual, emotional, and mental blocks. After the healing, the spirit of the client is re-grounded into his body and anchored to Mother Earth. 


Many clients report a feeling of strength, lightness, and clarity as a result. THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL CURE. However, if you have faith in the true healer Jesus Christ and speak directly to him, you too can achieve any miracle that you seek, provided that it is aligned with your spiritual journey.

Benefits-Assists with relief from negative thinking, suicide thoughts, bad dreams, fatigue, body discomforts, self-love, lack of forgiveness, energy imbalance, energy blocks, depression, dizziness and much more. 

DISTANT healing- Donation suggested $95

This is a beautiful shamanic healing that can be done from a distance for anyone. Different colors are used according to the energetic frequency needed. The colors will manifest different types of healing at many levels. Preparation can take about 4 hrs in some cases. 

Results can be similar to the in-person sessions.

This can be done for yourself or someone you love. Candles are prepared with tons of love and compassion for the healing of the person, it includes prayer, song and meditation. The healing begins immediately for the client and the results are the same as an in-person session. Healing may last up to 30 days and in most cases will offer a natural high for the person. Results will depend on the person and may vary for each case.

Benefits- A candle healing can help in cleansing a person from spiritual imbalances, emotional blocks, physical ailments, and witchcraft. It can also help in expanding the consciousness and attaining a higher spiritual awareness. 

Please note the candle healing is ONLY for positive wellness

(not manipulation or spells)

This ancient technique is performed by an anointed healer trained to do shamanic plant/herb healing, it takes around 2 hours to put this healing together. 


This can be done for anyone from a distance. The healing can be felt immediately within the first 5 days for most clients. 

Benefits- Helps with physical ailments, emergency illness, spiritual attacks and wellness. It restores peace within the person almost immediately. SEE spiritual healing for additional benefits. 

Read my story about the healing bowls on Stellar.

*Note-We only offer spiritual work for positive wellness, not manipulation. 

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We do not claim to cure any diseases. None of the content on this webpage is intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always check with your doctor if you are not sure about something as we cannot give you medical advice.

Spiritual & Energy healing has not been approved by the FDA nor is intended to replace an existing treatment plan.

We only practice positive healing to promote wellness as intended by God.

We promote spirituality for nourishment of your mind, body  & spirit.

We do not offer ties, witchcraft or anything having to do with bad intentions, manipulation or hurting someone.